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Know Why the Degree of Crooner Anthony Castello’s Anger vs. BBM Detractors Led to Filing a Case


By: Elena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: Anthony Castelo Filed a Case Against an FB Page against BBM Using his Song

Castelo’s Degree of Anger was Enormous

Anthony Castelo, the OPM singer and crooner cannot hide his degree of anger. He popularized the song “Balatkayo” or pretentious. This song was used by an FB page to discredit BBM. It so happens that Bongbong Marcos is his presidential bet. So, he filed a case against the culprits.

He Knew the Marcoses in Hawaii

Castelo knew the degree of love the late President Ferdinand Marcos and his wife, Former First Lady Imelda Marcos’s had for the Filipinos. He’s a witness how they treat the Filipinos in Hawaii. They are real people who only wants the best for the country, he said.

The Composer

Hence it’s known that the composer of the song is Tito Sotto. He’s a VP contender himself running against the president’s daughter, Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio. She’s the running mate of BBM. However, despite the uncertainty of the case, Castelo never hesitates to defend BBM in his own rights.

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