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Koko cannot dictate Duterte over Binay – scared now for libel?

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
How many times should Duterte say that he will not waste his time running after political enemies – let alone outgoing President Aquino and Vice President Jejomar Binay. It’s the Ombudsman’s job to do that despite an appointee of the Party that he detested.

Koko Pimentel’s head became bigger since he’s one of the people urging Duterte to run as President and also a Party comrade plus a friend – but he might not know the alliance Duterte and Binay had to unseat the Liberal Party in the top position. Binay might be a friend of Duterte too but this is never a consideration when making a decission for the good of the country. Koko should know that too.

Koko Pimentel might be guilty himself on what he did in the senate grilling Binay without no concrete evidence in the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee. Nowm Trillanes is starting to pay for his sins – then Cayetano and Pimentel must follow suit.

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