Kris Aquino Appealed to Defend her for using Government Chopper

By: Elena Grace Flores
Kris Aquino appealed among spectators during Mar Roxas’ election campaign by the Liberal party – to defend her via social media why she was using the government chopper during the said event. It has been a strict law that government officials cannot be involved in any campaign matters and no government properties should be used in said activities. They call it “electioneering”.

Roxas defended Kris Aquino that her riding on with the President to LP’s campaign sortie venue in Dalaguete, Cebu did not entail additional costs – and yes, it would not matter if they went to an official government function as a member of the President’s family – but for an election campaign of Mar Roxas? That, I am not quite sure.

On another matter, now that there’s a peculation that it will soon be known that President Aquino will drop Mar in favor of Grace Poe, where will Kris be? What do you think Vice President Jejomar Binay’s take on this when his other favored Vice Presidential Bongbong Marcos is also a son of the late President Marcos. He would know for sure about the benefits they are entitled to and the laws pertaining it.

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