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Kris Aquino not Biggest Spender Leni’s top Contributor but Lisa Gokongwei

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Kris Aquino did contribute 30 million pesos for Leni Robredo’s Vice Presidential candidacy because she believes in her sincerity, humility and the desire to give true public service with no alleged personal ambition – but for some Robredo is actually getting very ambitious.

Robredo’s SOCE indicated that she got P423,163,737.34 from contributions and P418,664,130.60 expenditures were detailed in in her SOCE, which makes her the biggest spender among the six vice presidential candidates. This declaration made her the highest spender in the Vice Presidential race – the so-called ruling party machinery on top of the physical, mental, manpower and facility back ups.

Considering Leni Robredo’s humble beginning, where could she possibly get the support from? Well most of her bulk contributors are Chinese-Filipino tycons namely; Eduardo Cu Unjieng P10 million; Peter Garrucho P10million; Jose Baltazar Buenaventura P10million; Wellington Lim P10 million; Victoria Aquino Dee P1million; Harvey Keh 5million; and the top of them all is Lisa Gokongwei P200,000, a media mogul with shipping and aviation included in the family’s businesses. What could be the pay-back favor for these contributors?


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