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Kylie Padilla is Proud of her Father who’s Now a Presumptive Senator


By: Elena Grace Flores

GMA News
[VIDEO]: Kylie Padilla is Proud of her Father, Robin Padilla

Number One Senator

Kylie Padilla, the daughter of the number one senator, Robin Padilla is very proud of him. She said that she’s not surprised for him to get the number one seat in the senate. Her father is naturally helpful. So, many people would definitely vote for him, she added.

Scared but Happy for her Father

Kylie is scared that finally her father is officially in politics because of its chaotic nature. However, as she thinks of his intention to help as much people as he can, being a senator is a good platform for him to do that. So, she’s happy that his wish came true.

Having a Father-Senator

Having a father-senator has not sank-in yet in Kylie’s mind. She thought that there’s no way for it to happen. Because his father always refuse to enter politics in the past. Perhaps when she can already talk to him about it then that’s the time to believe it. For now, she’s just proud and happy for him.

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