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Lawyer and Politician Sara Duterte-Carpio’s Plan for 2022 Election favors BBM

Lawyer and Politician Sara Duterte-Carpio's Plan for 2022 Election favors BBM

By: Elena Grace Flores

A Lawyer, Politician, Woman and Presidential Daughter

Not About Gender for Lawyer and Politician Inday Sara

Lawyer and politician Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio fulfills her promise on the deadline of her Presidential candidacy. She divulges her conversation with her father about the matter. She’s not running for President. This has nothing to do with gender, according to her. Earlier, sitting VP Leni Robredo disagrees with the president that a woman does not have the same emotional set up as a man. This gives people a hint that she’s indeed up for the position in 2022.

A Joke to Run for Vice President

Her disclosure of not running for president clarifies Inday Sara’s previous joke that maybe she is in for the Vice Presidency. This favors Bongbong Marcos. His electoral protest against Robredo does not have a decision yet. The hottest tandem these days is that with Mayor Sara. Marcos-(Duterte)Carpio is indeed the team to beat in 2022. So, it’s best to guard the election system.

Gender Debate

Robredo again did not let the President’s comment pass. This gives her the opportunity to counteract using gender equality arguments. However, her truth may have great appeal in the international scene. But locally, the insight of a father prevails. So, the Marcos and Duterte supporters have something to celebrate.

1 thought on “Lawyer and Politician Sara Duterte-Carpio’s Plan for 2022 Election favors BBM

  1. For the sake of patriotism The President have allowed Inday Sara to run for the Executive post.
    DAUGHTERTE 2022 !!!!

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