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Lawyer and Press Secretary Trixie-Angele Cruz Reports on the Smuggling or Hoarding of Sugar


By: Elena Grace Flores

ANC 24/7
[VIDEO]: 6 Customs officials sacked amid sugar smuggling probe

Lawyer and Press Secretary’s Report

Lawyer and Press Secretary Trixie Angeles-Cruz said that during the investigation, 6 customs BOC officials were temporarily transferred to the office of the Commissioner while the investigation is ongoing. The warehouse owners and consignees are given the chance to answer as to whether the stocks are hoarded or smuggled.

Voluntary Lowering of Sugar Price

The lawyer and press secretary also explained that the 70 per kilo selected big supermarket price is voluntary and limited. Should there be a need to extend this, the president will respond accordingly.

Cheaper Local Sugar

Almost 500,000 tonnes of raw sugar were recently discovered in different storage facilities. Plus the 7000 metric tonnes were smuggled from Thailand using a recycled import permit. Therefore, the sugar price is expected to even go lower next month. Revelations of sugar hoardings are proof that there’s no sugar shortage in the country. It’s only artificial. They are just manipulated for higher profits. Local millers’ price is only 45.

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