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Lawyer, Mayor Inday Sara’s Condition to Run Someday Complements BBM


By: Elena Grace Flores

Lawyer and Davao Mayor, Inday Sara’s Impossible Condition

Lawyer and Chief Presidential Legal Counsel of President Rodrigo Duterte, Salvador Panelo clarifies the condition of Inday Sara that she can run if the opposition supports her. He said that the mayor’s timeline is 2034. She sets something that is out of reach for the next election. This does not affect her support to Bongbong Marcos whatsoever. Besides, she does not need the opposers’ votes to win. Unity is what she aims for, just like Marcos.

Duterte-Duterte Tandam Scenario for 2022 is a Myth

Officially, the Palace distances itself from the Duterte-Duterte tandem initiative in the 2022 national elections. No one can oppose this, Panelo said. However, both father and daughter already have plans in mind for the upcoming election. The younger Duterte is not for the Presidency at this time. The older one counts on the day that he can finally enjoy his grandchildren.

Smart Enough Not to be Used by the Opposition

The calls for the smart lawyer-mayor to run for President can actually decrease Marcos’ votes for the top position. It is obvious that time has come for him to finally aim for the previous post of his father without an equal contender. He is now ripe for the Presidency. Duterte-Carpio complements him through that quest. It is not her intention to block him from destiny, unlike the opposition. So, supporters of the Marcos-Duterte/Carpio tandem can sit back and relax because Inday Sara is one vital factor for the possible landslide win of the new Ferdinand Marcos!

1 thought on “Lawyer, Mayor Inday Sara’s Condition to Run Someday Complements BBM

  1. We just have to wait which candidate would President Duterte prefers to endorse for the Executive Post. Inday Sara or Bong Go that would be it……

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