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Lawyer’s Advice: Bongbong Marcos Widens Lead while Next Contender Scrambles for Deceiving Strats


By: Elena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: Lawyer and Senate bet Harry Roque to Robredo: Do not Accuse BBM if you don’t have proof.

This is what Lawyer, Roque has to Say

Lawyer and Senate bet Harry Roque advices the fellow attorney, Leni Robredo not to accuse anyone without concrete proof. Once she has the evidence, she can go to court to defend the reputation of her daughter. That’s what lawyers should do.

Aiming for the 70% Mark

The QC grand rally was overwhelming, said lawyer Roque. Plus the One Cebu endorsement by Cebu Governor, Gwendolyn Garcia. The race is indeed over. Bongbong Marcos will be the next president of the Philippines and Inday Sara Duterte-Carpio is the next Vice President, added Roque.

Leading in All Surveys

Marcos learned not to be complacent to avoid what happened in 2016. There are responsible people assigned to monitor Smartmatic, Comelec, the Media, and even Social Media. Despite lawyer Robredo playing the victim in Aika Robredo’s alleged sex scandal, BBM is still the underdog. This is because of the more than 30 years of black media propaganda against his family. No, the people are avenging him as seen in all surveys.

2 thoughts on “Lawyer’s Advice: Bongbong Marcos Widens Lead while Next Contender Scrambles for Deceiving Strats

  1. The brilliant FRONTRUNNER doesn’t indulge in cheap black propaganda! BBM-SARAH UNITEAM gained from all the negative campaigning against BBM….Disqualification case, Estate tax issue, house to house smear campaigns, and now this cheap vp daughter’s scandal!! ✅✅✅

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