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Lea Salonga on Jessy Mendiola’s gaining weight: Still Sexy

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Women who used to be skinny-sexy should be happy with their now bigger body – if they still have the confidence as when they were smaller.

Hear Lea Salonga’s, the Voice Kids coach and Broadway star insights on Jessy Mendiola as the actress continues to get criticized online after topping FHM’s 100 Sexiest 2016 list after gaining weight here:

On her Facebook page, Lea wrote: “For the record, I think Jessy Mendiola is one of the sexiest people I’ve ever cast my eyes on. It has less to do with her physique (which, by the way, is nothing to sneeze at) and more to do with how she carries herself. She could gain 20 pounds right now and my opinion of her wouldn’t change.”

Lea added: “Sexy has nothing to do with the outer shell and all to do with what’s in you. You could be a Victoria’s Secret model and have zero sex appeal, or be someone customarily plus-sized and get everyone in the room to set their gaze upon you. Or your opinion could differ from mine and not be any less valid. It’s in the eye of the beholder.”

Jessy on the other hand wrote in her Instagram account:

“My body may not be perfect but that will not stop me from being confident with myself. I’ve had my fair share of body shaming comments. So I know how it feels like to be called ‘FAT’ or ‘TUMABA’. Well, just to inform some of you ‘PERFECT’ people. We all come in different sizes and shapes but that shouldn’t stop us from being happy with our own bodies.

“There are times that you will gain weight and there are times that you will lose it. It’s normal. It just shows that you are a human being. So whether you are curvy, malaman, skinny, too skinny, on the plus size or even on the plus plus size, you have ALL the right to be confident with yourself because that is who and what YOU are. If you don’t love yourself enough, who else will?

“Think about it. So go ahead girl, wear that bikini and FLAUNT it. After all, it’s YOUR body. Not theirs. Sabi nga ni Demi Lovato ‘What’s wrong with being confident.'”


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