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Leadership Security: Bato Confirms that He, Mayor Sara, and Bongbong Marcos are Under One Roof


By: Elena Grace Flores

One News PH

[VIDEO]: Bato: Bongbong Marcos is an Ally

Leadership Security for the Administration

Presidential aspirant and Senator Bato dela Rosa confirms that Bongbong Marcos is an ally. That him, Mayor Sara and Marcos are under the Duterte administration. President Rodrigo Roa’s leadership at that. There’s still time to arrange the line-up before the November 15 deadline, he said. It is ideal that they won’t take each other’s votes.

Willing to Withdraw

Bato also said that he is willing to withdraw when the right time comes. He just waits for the PDP-Laban’s decision. The leadership bets of the administration would be too much if there’s Mayor Sara and Bongbong Marcos plus him on the line up.

Sacrifice in One Common Leadership

The alliance is pretty obvious from the start under President Duterte’s leadership. However, the substitution method allows candidates to declare their candidacy at the tail end. This is to discourage detractors from maligning them early in the pre-election period. Some senators have already authored the bill to limit this to very sick, incapable, or dead candidates. But regardless, when the bill is passed, election 2022 is already done. Better luck next time.

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