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Leading for VP: Looks like Marcos will soon Rise

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. better known as Bongbong is rest assured that the Filipino people are hungry for a Marcos leadership despite the propaganda against his father who remains not buried after his death many years back due to the dispute between Marcos and the Aquino administration that started from family feud.

Data shows that Marcos will soon rise after his consistent lead during the partial count of the Vice Presidency race today, May 9, 2016. Although he wanted to wait for the official results, many are confident that he will end up to be the Vice President of the Philippines.

Unofficial Partial Data: VP

1 thought on “Leading for VP: Looks like Marcos will soon Rise

  1. we wanted a new leader who will change a new to old ones democracy.. we should hope for bongbong marcos for these.. like his father Pres Ferdinand Edralin Marcos ,, He just control drugs like firing squad of foreigner ,, just did the spreading of drugs here in our country… Think and vote wisely .. Bongbong will follow the step of his father…

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