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Learn to Program your Computer

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Computer programming is not limited to desktops only – they can be applied to almost all technology gadgets nowadays like in cell phones, tablets, notebooks and of course laptops. This “hour of code” video shows that you don’t have to be a geek to be able to program a computer. Formal education in Computer Science and Information Technology is not necessary to accomplish this task because the present curriculum is changing together with the earth’s evolution. Watch this and be inspired:

The Hour of Code is here

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There are online tutorials available that can aid you in learning a line of coding as you go along. Linking your blogs  can easily be done for example – by adding some codes in the html editor of your WordPress platform. Since computers are already part of our daily lives, it will help if we know simple coding to be satisfied with what we’re doing. Technology does makes the world go faster but mind you, you can also stop or slow down at your own phase if you need to. This is not about coping up with the changing world but to be able to be in control with present developments. Get on board and welcome to the hour of code!

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