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Leni Defended Jest setting after her Election Highest Spender Bus Riding Moments


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
There should not not be any big fuzz whether a government servant opted to ride on a private plane or the bus when the duty calls for it. But it has been noted that Vice President Leni Robredo has always been the subject of ridicule when it comes to transporting from one place to the other by politicians.

This is probably because despite being an advocate of people on the margins of society, as she was known for during the campaign who takes a bus on her visits to her province, it is not a hidden fact that she was one of the highest election spenders. She can always justify that the sources are from donors like Kris Aquino – but the lifestyle conflict seemed to cast doubt over her true humility as she become a jet-setter of sorts,
from Bicol to Bangkok to the USA, the plane has become her mode of transportation as she reaches out to the private sector to support her projects and advocacy.

Government officials should be flexible in choosing their mode of transport based on every situation. This should not be an issue especially when other sectors are paying for it – like the alleged Rotary Club of Naga’s private plane sponsorship necessary for her in being present in two important events scheduled so tightly from each other.

The Filipino-American communities that invited her to the United States took care of that American trip. The Filipino-American Chamber of Commerce, sponsored the Philadelphia event, for initial discussions.

In Thailand, the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security briefed her on the Thai community housing program, that she could replicate in the country as chair of the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC).


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