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Leni Robredo Blames Black Propaganda Strategy of LP Unto Bongbong Marcos

Leni Robredo

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Leni Robredo admits that she finds it difficult to fight with Bongbong Marcos. Aside from having a very popular namesake, his social media defenders are also very active. She still claims her win in the 2016 VP race against him but retreats from the online war. She is not just at par with Marcos’ online warriors, she said.

Youtube video by; ABS-CBN News
[VIDEO]: Vice President Leni Robredo reiterated her electoral victory over former Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, even as she admitted losing to the latter’s supposedly vast social media machinery.

Leni Robredo is Lost

Leni Robredo confirms that they have lost on the propaganda front. They already have a story for every move of Robredo’s camp, she said. Sometimes even before it happens, she added. This gives her the idea that the Marcoses are difficult foes. They have the capability and social media infrastructure unlike them. This is very clear then that Robredo does not have that many supporters who would fight for her causes. Marcos supporters can attest that Marcos himself does not know them. They just believe that he’s been cheated – thus bringing their cause online. Robredo indeed is a lost soul here.

Sure of Victory

Robredo said that she is certain of her triumph. She even discloses that she is not capable of cheating so it would be better for her if the electoral protest is resolved immediately. Her mandate would be more solid, she said. She added that they do not seek to delay the recount. They are only asking where their evidence is. Again Robredo tries to pretend dumb here saying something and doing another. The right time for the presentation of evidence comes as the preliminary conference is set in motion. She should know that as a lawyer.

Black Propaganda

Isn’t it the Liberal Party who is noted for black propaganda? They even give a bad meaning to propaganda these days. Instead of information dissemination, it becomes disinformation through the media. When did the word “troll” become popular through the mainstream media? It was when Robredo talks about it like she’s the mastermind of all trolls.


Marcos Support Offline and Online

One thing that Robredo should realize that Marcos supporters are not only the millennials. They originate since the golden era days of the late president Ferdinand E. Marcos that she heavily maligned. Some of them do not even use computers. Naturally, these people would hate her as she continues to hold on to the VP seat that many Filipinos assume does not belong to her. She should help to facilitate the electoral protest immediately and not point fingers to others – when it is really her bad affiliation that puts her in a bad light.

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  1. Shebelieves she won because she was made to believe it…..and with all the hatred she’s getting from the people, she never cooperated in the bid to seek the truth of her “victory”.If indeed she is confident she won, why the need for these continous filing of MR?Want to clear your name then go for the preliminary conference and all the evidences you’re asking will be presented!

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