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Leni Robredo, why not follow Migz Zubiri’s example?

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Majority of Filipinos were asking; who is Leni Robredo compared to Bongbong Marcos? If not because of Jesse Robredo and his sudden death, even Liberal Party will not make her their own.

Leni’s number of votes in the unofficial impartial count from the transparency server just didn’t make sense. The VP race has been considered the worst fiasco ever – with all the very obvious signs of cheating. Some may say that Leni is a victim too but why did she allow herself to be in that position – ruining the legacy of Jesse and her family’s peace of mind?

According to this: : Zubiri resigned from the Senate in 2011 as a way to save his family’s name from alleged poll fraud in the 2007 senate race. He tried to return to the Chamber during the 2013 local elections, but failed to make the cut.

Congratulations now Senator Migz Zubiri! We are proud of you.

48 thoughts on “Leni Robredo, why not follow Migz Zubiri’s example?

  1. What Zubiri displayed was a true statemanship. An act of sacrificing ones own ambition to foster a greater purpose which is the good of the nation.

    1. Leni … wala syang delikadesa… trapo on its own face

      1. Why would anyone say to Robredo to give up her votes for the Marcos? Does anyone has the nerve to stand up go to court and present evidence of wrongdoing. If anyone clearly has the evidence of vote regging. It’s strange tha.t the rest of the candidates running in this election did not of complain of Dayaan when those names are in the same form using the same system. No one should suggest to Robredo who voted by the people to give up her votes. It sounds that the Marcos side are louder than ever but that doesn’t equate as an evidence of a winner. I vote for Duterte and Cayetano so I have no vested interest in the matter between Marcos and Robredo. Many of my friends voted for Robredo. I find it wrong to disregard Robredo’ capability to serve and protect the Fililpino people, which is evidence of her leading the vice presidency.

        1. That’s because most of the vp runners are in favor of Leni. Cayetano hates marcos and escudero said in a media statement that he prefers someone from bicol to be vp. Trillanes and honasan won’t give a fuck because they won’t gain anything from it. So stealing votes from cayetano and escudero is the best option. Get it?

        2. Bravo, nice one. Ito ang dapat nilang gawin, umuwi at magluto.

        3. No one is asking her to give up her votes – her true and accurate votes, that is. The problem is there are obvious signs that lead to a well-founded suspicion that the “quick counts” have given her more than that. Please do not skirt the issue!

        4. So feeling mo magaling kana kasi nag eenglish ka sa comment mo? Ganyan ka magcommwnt kasi di ka naman nanakawan ng boto. Try mo kayang madaya ng harap harapan ano mafifeel mo..

      2. Nagpapagamit lang sya kay Pnoy. Where is your conscience Leni?

        1. konsensya nya, intact.

  2. I salute you sir for saving the Filipino people more stress and heartaches, mistrust to our outgoing admin,,, this election is the worst but I believe God allow it ot happen to expose the corruption of our government officials,,,thank you for being such a awesome stateman you deserved to win this time,,God bless you and make us proud of you by helping to fight corruption in our nation,,, we will be praying for you..

  3. Yeah why not bbm concede,talo become a true statesman and accept defeat,better luck next time.takbo ulit for president.

    1. Concede to let the Cheaters win? Leni will REDO ROB that’s her last name now meaning….
      Repeating to steal the votes as her LP family change her last Name to REDO ROB the votes.

      1. Agree!

      2. Dobledo pa ang boto !!! Leni is a Charlatan and Hypocrite !

    2. Why he should concede? Tell that to Lenilugaw–the cheater–Liar–Rob redo because as far as she is concerned she did not have the majority votes. She is being cooked by the LP or the yellow oligarchs as a necro politician for their own vested interest & never for country & people. Shame

      1. Definitely true!

    3. why concede? Dapat ung nagnakaw ng boto ang makonsensya. Napaka imposilble na makakuha sya ng ganyan karaming boto, tinalo nya pa si Roxas. cheaters never win.

    4. Concede to a rigged election? That would be betrayal of the millions of Filipinos who cast their votes for him!

    5. Bakit concede? di ps tapos ang laban sa dayaan ng election!

  4. Mr. Zubiri I salute you the fact I voted you in this election .. Losing with honor is better than winning thru cheating. Your integrity will remain.

  5. That is the right thing to do. She herself knows what is going on but I guess she gets carried away and actually thought that she overtook BBM which us impossible. For one thing she is not w
    well known secondly, she is tandem with Mar Roxas, as far I’ve observed walang paki-alam sa mundo, all he care is to the President of PI and must likely continue the corruption within amongst the elites. So, how is it possible that on the night of May 9, 2016 BBM was 1 million or so ahead of Leni then boommmm they changed the HASH CODE, and suddenly she was ahead of BBM. She knows it as well as those liar COMELEC, they want Leni in because they have a plan and she is the only ticket to their success that is why they cheated not only to BBM but the Filipino people as well. They should change for once and concede to BBM because he is the true winner and the choice of the majority. It is obvious. Wow I can’t believe it the COMELEC has underestimated the Filipino people intelligence. Leni it will come back to hunt you and you will not be able to sleep at night. Don’t be like them. Stay as honest as you are after all it is just a position give it to the real winner which is BBM.

    1. nandun na ang mga matatalinong abogado nila para mag usap, wag ka na makisawsaw.

  6. Do not ask Leni to do what Migs Zubiri did before, Leni did not cheat we are the one who voted her, we know Marcos very well kaya hindi sya ang ibinoto namin, at mas marami ang may ayaw k Marcos kaysa mga Marcos loyalist.

    1. There is denying that you voted for Lenilugaw–the cheater, Liar & Rob redo, however, your votes could not be translated to a majority. If result would be honestly done in tongress who are allied of the vile, evil & greedy yellows, Lenilugaw–the cheater–Liar–Rob Redo would rank only 4th in the race & would not even come closer to BBM by any slim chance. Therefore as the obvious is evident & doesn’t even one to be an IT expert not to see the glaring truth about the daggag bawas courtesy of picos hokus machines favouring or transferring votes of losing candidates & that of BBM to Lenilugaw.

      1. Add: no denying

    2. Ok just for the sake of arguments. If your chosen Candidate do have that much VOTERS and did not CHEAT. as what you said. So Why is it that there’s only one you who defended her. In Multi Media..

      1. 2 na kmi.

    3. What? Do you know that? Hey! Keep updated of Bongbongs’ followets!

  7. It is true who is Leni Robredo? I didn’t even know her

    1. taga saang planeta ka ba?

    2. Sya na ang bagong uupong Bise Presidente, na walang bahid dungis ang pangalan.

  8. You know BBM very well,u vote for Leni ok but r u sure leni win w/t cheating smartmatic oh c’mon

  9. Hindi daw kilala si leni pero alam na nandaya sya, sige nga patunayan nyo sa korte yan mag file kayo ng kaso di puro ngak ngak,sa inyo kaya mangyari yan di ka pa kilala napintasan at nahusgahan ka na matutuwa ka ba???

    1. hayaan mo na sila talo eh, ganun talaga sour graping ata tawag dun.

  10. Hindi ako Loyalista ni Marcos,… pero in my openion hindi ko na mina-maliit ko si Leni. abogada cia… pero… para sa akin hindi bagay talaga.. bilang isang Vice Pres. ni Digong…. seguro matapang naman cia malinis ang budhi.. Tanong totoo ba na nanalo ba tlaga cia.!!? Alam ko kasi si BBM-jr ang No1 eh., saan ba nanggaling ang perang ginatos nia sa TV ADD’s nia. galing sa Fund Raising ng Lugaw.??? cia nag sabi noon de bah. galing sa lugawan etc. seguro hindi naman tanga ang mga filino mag add-minus or plus +1.,, Pero sa totoo alam nia na hindi cia nananlo… ginagwa niong tanga ang sambayan Filipino… wag nio naman pilitin ang sarili nio… para sa sariling interest ng huwag poh kayo mag pagamit.. sa taong politikong mga cira ang tuktok malaki pa ang marating mo Manay Leni… once na ikaw ay alins ang iyong budhi. para sa taong bayan..!!!

  11. As usual, lumalabas talaga ang pagkabastos ng mga loyalist na ito. Kung gusto nyo Si Marcos Jr. Mas maraming kaming ayaw sa kanya.. Kung marami kayong bumoto sa kanya mas marami kaming Hindi dahil mas gugustuhin pa naming iboto ang isang Di kilalang tao kesa sa isang taong galing sa kilalang pamilya ng magnanakaw. Ganun kasimple.

    1. very good.

  12. Dilaw sila. Kulay ng tae. Kaya tae din pagkatao nila

  13. Leni is a Charlatan and Hypocrite ! She’s not as popular as Roxas who got 9 Million plus Votes,nor as popular as DU30 to have 14 Million Votes ! By Comparison :Firebrand Leni Robledo uppends Roxas by 5 Milliom Votes :where did she got these figures ? She has no alliance with Binay,nor with Poe,importantly with the Religious Groups and the OFW’s ! The Final and Official Results will Uncover/Unravel this Magical Mystery !!!

  14. It’s premature to say that there’s cheating happened.If the canvassing of vote by the congress start, then cheating may start. All are alleged fraud and vote buying. Then file a case before the PET so to start the investigation. All are hear-says. Ngayon pa lang kayo mangangalap ng ebidensya. hindi naman lahat ng INC ay bumoto sa kanya and there’s no solid north.

  15. This article lacks substance and value. the way the writer comment is one sided. just a waste of time.

    1. Don’t you want to hear the other side of the story? Who is unfair then?

  16. ang gagaling nyong manghusga, pag talo talo.

  17. Di naman mas gusto nila c.Marcos…Leni? Ngayon lng sumulpot yan tapos biglang mag VP?


    By all means let Lenilugaw win by hook or by crook so, the Lapiang Mandarambong stored a vote for Lenilugaw in the VCM machine but, BBM votes is rapidly growing up that the stored votes for Lenilugaw can’t make it to even or get ahead so, someone instructed these Venezuelan guys to open the server and rig it and that’s when BBM votes slides down

  19. There’s a lot of evidence, the video’s, those nagpa interview regarding sa dayaan matters.. anyway, me too di ko kilala si leni robrero that is why, why would I vote her.. Marcos is a Morcos & we all know what is their worth. For me upon my views BBM could stand more votes to leni because there’s a lot of brethren’s in different sector or organizations that BBM is their choice. Kaya obviously if the votes of BBM is bumaba siguradong dinaya na yan! so we Pilipino’s looking forward to make actions on it if maputayan na may pandaraya talaga! #BB4VP

  20. Hindi lamang loyalists any may gustong maging VP si BBM.

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