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Leni Robredo’s Obsession of Bongbong Marcos Drives her Mad


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Leni Robredo vowed to face the challenges even if she doesn’t have as much money as her rival, Bongbong Marcos. This obsession has been detected ever since she decided to run for Vice President in the 2016 elections. The pronouncement was made in reference to the electoral protest filed by Marcos against her – to the point of madness.

Youtube video by; Rappler
[VIDEO]: Vice President Leni Robredo vows former Senator Bongbong Marcos would not get the second highest position in the country despite criticism, impeachment threats, and an election case against her.

She Ran for VP to Block Marcos

Robredo admitted that one of the very reason why she ran under the Liberal Party is to fight an alleged impending Marcos return. This is like saying that she agreed to be a political prostitute just to destroy Bongbong Marcos. Her obsession with Marcos has been explained by psychiatrists in the past. That is really driving her crazy and she must get professional help so as not to worsen her situation.

Bongbong Marcos is not his Father

Marcos is the son of the late President Ferdinand Marcos who was wrongly accused of perpetrating abuses, including human rights violations. Just like the president these days, he becomes the subject of accusations when killings in any form happen. The question is, what has it got to do with Bongbong Marcos?

Unpaid Marcos Dues?

Robredo while stressed out amidst impeachment threats on top of the electoral protest, made the remarks as her response to a student who asked her opinion on the ongoing election protest. Robredo said that she is saddened by efforts that Marcos’ followers exerted to allegedly discredit her. She pointed out, again and again, the speculated unpaid dues she assumed that were incurred by his family. There’s no court yet that issued a verdict that they really stole money from the country’s coffers.

Online Attacks

She rewind again her dismay on Marcos who she thinks is using his resources to carry out the “concerted” attacks against her, especially online. She might be referring to Leni Leaks and Naga Leaks who are exposed by the president’s supporters that pertain to the alleged wrongdoings of her family especially her late husband.

4 thoughts on “Leni Robredo’s Obsession of Bongbong Marcos Drives her Mad

  1. While the MARCOSES are espousing PEACE, LOVE, UNITY and PROGRESS for the COUNTRY and PEOPLE, this woman fake Vice President Leni Robredo is espousing hate in among the citizenry’s who supported and believes in MARCOSES good deeds and love for the country and the filipino people. While the Supreme Court ruled, that MARCOS, the late President have no court conviction, the LP especially Leni Robredo kept on insisting that MARCOS is a criminal, thief, human right violators among others that many among the citizenry were tired of reading and hearing this for more than thirty (30) years to only meant in the mind of many were orchestrated to demonize MARCOS and to prevent anyone of them be propelled to power. But, truth is coming out now that these ill willed wild accusations against the MARCOSES are all lies aimed at destroying them perpetually which in all due respect is tantamount to committing injustice to a dead man and his entire family including those who believes in him and millions of followers… JUSTICE MUST BE SERVE TO THE MARCOSES especially the long dead oppressed man by the AQUINOs and the LPs among others.

  2. Mabuhay ka BBM

  3. Leni Robredo is so obssessed with her insanity. It only shiws that she is really guilty of cheating and manipulated the last VP election race. She’s a FAKE , puppet and …..never mind!!!!

  4. That’s the truth. She doesn’t deserve the VP post for she is fake!!!!’

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