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Leni Robredo’s Real Fears on Federalism are the VP Post Abolition and Bongbong Marcos as PM


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

VP Leni Robredo insinuates that the Duterte administration just comes up with Federalism without carefully studying it. She wans that the shift to a federal form of government can result to areas that might be left out of the development process. However, in a gathered insights from Sandra Cam and the Binay Camp, poverty is not a real concern for the VP or else she could have used her office already to help alleviate the problem instead of just going against the president. She is afraid to lose her power and scared of Bongbong Marcos as Prime Minister.

Youtube video by; ERIK REMOLLO ESPINA
[VIDEO]: REPUBLIKA EPISODE 1/3 talks about the plans, goals, and mandates of her Vice Presidential office with Sandra Cam’s insights on VP Leni Robredo.

Sandra Cam On VP Leni Robredo

Sandra Cam describes VP Leni Robredo as a public official who is not working for the people but for her political Party. While the pro-poor president is working hard on making Filipino lives better, she constantly goes against it. She previously attends cabinet meetings then leak out vital information to her opposing team. Just like a paddle who goes against the tide.

LP’s Term is Over, It’s Time for PDu30

The Liberal Party with Pnoy or President Noynoy Aquino already had their six years in the executve office. Now is the time for them to give way to the president. Sandra Cam blatantly said that they already cheated Bongbong Marcos for the Vice Presidency but since their efforts are not enought to block PDu30, they must bow down to the will of the people.

Federal Inequality?

Robredo explains that federalism might be too drastic to remedy a problem. It is not the only solution to the conflict in Mindanao, she added. Is it the cure for persistent oligarchies? Is it the only way to assure equal wealth-distribution among provinces? Robredo still have no answers to these questions. She said that millions of Filipinos continue to languish in poverty. Federalism might result to unequal provincial development, she firmly contradicts but also not sure.

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Correction on Federalism from the Binay Camp

Hilario Andes from the Binay Camp has this to say to the Vice President: Very wrong Mrs. Robredo. Federalism will afford each federal region to develop their respective towns and cities with their federal income through the taxes directly paid by the Federal economic and corporate and business entities without depending on the existing national budgetary allocations being controlled by the so-called “Imperial Manila ” Please revisit Economics 1 Mrs. Robredo. Its Economics 1.

2 thoughts on “Leni Robredo’s Real Fears on Federalism are the VP Post Abolition and Bongbong Marcos as PM

  1. We must get rid out of Robredos in power, so that there’s no hindrances in continuing the reforms of our country. Let the new Administrations to get it in… In power to build a new system which is fair and right government, for the sake of entire community of the Filipino people.. Good luck to our New President of the Philippines..

  2. It is time for this fake Vp to be ousted
    She was not voted by the people as Vice PREsident she used their party to manipulate the election by using the picos machine and it is obvious because of her own actions she is good for nothing
    She is a menace and talking crap to our President She does not deserve any position in the government she is an asshole

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