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Leyte mayor, son’s Shoot on Sight Order – illegal when not Endangering Lives of Arresting Officers


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Respecting human rights has built our nation contrary to President Rodrigo Duterte’s belief that it is used to destroy our country. In fact, his shoot on site order on Albuera Mayor Rolando Espinosa Sr and his son Kerwin Espinosa who are suspected to be involved in illegal drug trafficking, not only destroy families but the country in the long run. They have 24 hours to surrender.

If Espinosa and his son do not surrender by the deadline, they will be hunted down by law enforcers – and when they are found and they resist arrest, police have been ordered to “shoot on sight,” said the Palace. It should be stressed out to shot only when they endanger the lives of the arresting police officers because it can’t be justified with self defense ground anymore.

“An order of ‘shoot on sight’ will be given if they resist and endanger the lives of arresting police officers,” reads the statement clearly – hoping that the police officers will take this by heart.

Espinosa has not surrendered yet as of this time of writing. He has been on leave since July 18, according to his staff.

In honor of his campaign promise to suppress drugs in 3 to 6 months, and under his orders, the Department of the Interior and Local Government including the Philippine National Police has been pressured in making a list of local government officials involved in the illegal drugs trade. So, it is expected that under the Duterte administration, there will be innocent victims of public humiliation if not killings.


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