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Life Insurance is Only One of the Marcos Government’s Provisions to Health Care Workers


By: Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: Bongbong Marcos vows to address the pay gap between gov’t, private nurses

Insurance Plus Disparaty in Compensations

President Bongbong Marcos recently vows that his administration will address the disparity in salaries between nurses in government hospitals and those working in the private sector. The country’s healthcare workers are vital during the pandemic. They gave their lives, said the President. They deserve more as insurance for their family.

Words are Not Enough to Thank Them

Members of the Philippine Nurses Association or PNA and the rest of the Filipino healthcare workers are awesome in their field of service. Words are not enough to thank them, added the president. They are the world’s strength not only during the pandemic but all throughout.  The least the government can do is to give them insurance for themselves and their loved ones plus more.

The Government’s Provisions to Health Workers

Hazard duty pay, sickness and death compensation, meals, accommodation, transportation, and special risk allowances, plus life insurance are their benefits from the government. But PBBM wishes to give more. But seeks understanding due to the meager budget at the moment.

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