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Live Blissfully with Sufficient Count of White Blood Cells

By: Gemma Lagasca




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Do you know that white blood cells count affects your immune system?White Blood Cells (WBC) are significant part of the immune system as they are also called the body’s “first responders”. They protect the body against airborne diseases, mysterious viruses, fungus and bacteria. However, once the body has low white blood cell count, opportunistic infections can freely infiltrate into our body.


Low white blood cell count is a sign of poor immune system caused by variety of reasons. Unhealthy diet or poor lifestyle, emotional stress, health conditions due to medical treatment or surgery and natural aging process are some of the few causes of low immunity. No matter what the cause is, the body needs to boost WBC’S optimum response to fight against infections and diseases. Here’s how to improve low white blood cells count for your protection:


  1. Control your sugar and sweet food intake. Sugar weakens the capability of white blood cells to battle infections.
  2. Stay away from unhealthy fats such as polyunsaturated fats from vegetable oils coming from sunflower, corn and safflower. These are not helpful to enhance the immune system.
  3. Trim-down excess pounds. Heavy or overweight people are prone to infections according to some studies.
  4. Flush the toxins outside your body by drinking plenty of water every day.
  5. Exercise in moderation. Exercise is good to improve the immune system but too much of it will also weaken the body.
  6. Control your stress at the lowest level. Find time to relax as much as possible because stress in life is a silent killer and it can drop the immune system’s capability abruptly.

Heighten your Immune System by doing the following:


  1. Take more beta carotene-enriched foods such as carrots or any dark-green, yellow, orange and red vegetables. These beta carotene sources will increase the production of white blood cells and help the body at its best to block infections.
  2. Have a cup of yogurt every day. It helps the body in generating antibodies and enhances low immunity.
  3. Include garlic in your daily meal. Garlic helps boost white blood cells production.
  4. Eat plenty of vitamin A enriched foods. Their antioxidant component helps the body in fighting off free radical cells. They are also vital in generating white blood cells that will boost the immune system.
  5. Don’t miss chicken, almonds, guava, dark grapes and navy beans. These are all beneficial in increasing white blood cells count.

Recommended Food Supplements


  1. Vitamin C is an immune system enhancer by increasing WBC.
  2. Zinc is a basic element that acts as a catalyst to fight against infection.
  3. Green tea encourages the production of beneficial white blood cells.
  4. Asian or Siberian Ginseng in supplemental form is a good immune system enhancer.
  5. Oleander extract is a herbal supplement that is 100% proven effective clinically to enhance low white blood cell count in HIV or AIDS patients based on the research published on Natural News online.

Other Source: Low Immunity



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