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Logistiics Blamed for Duterte and Robredo’s Separate Inauguration

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Bong Go, Duterte’s executive assistant explained that logistics wise, both inaugurations for Vice President-elect Leni Robredo and President-elect Rodrigo Duterte cannot be fused together – because that would mean, they have to trim down again from the already limited number of guests. The 500 people capacity of Malacanang is not even enough for Duterte’s guest – so V.P. Leni would be better off doing hers in another venue.

It will not be fair for Leni Robredo’s family and supporters to get restricted from attending the inauguration if they have to fuse the followers of both – just to make it a joint one. Only selected family and friends will be attending Duterte’s inauguration. The rest are members of diplomatic corps and other officials.Presidential Communications Secretary Martin Andanar through Facebook live interview that photo opportunities have to be conducted the nect day or in a separate schedule.

Leni Robredo’s family and supporters are deserving to take part in the celebration of her victory so, doing it separately is a must; Andanar added.


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