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Lolo Digong is given a hint on his next role as Daughter Sara got pregnant with triplets


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Life really plays a game of chance – and often, it’s a chance to better circumstances around us. President Rodrigo Duterte have been very vocal sharing his discontent that it is very lonely up there – in the presidency where he is now. Everybody knew from the start the he is not intending to stay longer as president of the Philippines. As his war on drugs brings the nation into turmoil and uncertainty given the ultimatum of the United Nations against his illegal actions, he has something to celebrate but not only one fold but three.

It’a because his daughter, Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio, is pregnant with triplets. She shared the good news during the local festivity, Kadayawan Festival. The 38-year-old mayor is on her seventh week of pregnancy. The unborn fetuses are basically in good condition but Sarah is challenged by the triple symptoms. She is still working but a bit cautious until her doctor will advise her to stop if ever.

Presidential Communications Chief Martin Andanar announced that Lolo Digong was “delighted” hearing the news.

“Mayor Sara’s pregnancy serves as a source of inspiration for the Chief Executive to roll up his sleeves and work double time in his fight against crimes and drugs,” the statement added. When his roller coaster ride finally ends in the top public office, Duterte will definitely have a good private life to go back to that most people in his ripe good age would wish – spend time with cute little grand children and family.

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