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Love from Bilibid is Hubert Webb’s Light of Life’s Darkness

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
It can happen in one part of our life that we get derailed – and everything changes to the opposite – the same as what happened to Hubert Webb, son of former Senator Freddie Webb. Although the incident was the family’s worst times, they stayed and supported each other and sees the light after 10 long years.

Behind the walls and cold iron bars of Muntinlupa’s New Bilibid Prison, Webb met his wife who worked as a chef there – where he was imprisoned after being convicted with regards to the Vizconde massacre. The Supreme Court ordered his aquittal in 2010.

At 45, and now married to a woman 6 years his junior, Webb is wiser and refer to his wife as his light during the darkness of his life. Good or bad, things happen for a reason and if you keep the faith despite how unacceptable circumstances can become, you will eventually get your reward or punishment depending on which way you go during life’s tests.


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