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Love is Shown by Singing “We are the World” Version for the Philippines

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
According to the label in this Youtube video, the posted revised version of We are the World dedicated to the Philippines was recorded by students from Stage4You Academy. Not sure what country they are from and if that’s the correct name of the school. However, they sang professionally from the heart so, I feel that this must not be left buried amongst the many videos in Youtube. Brilliant coordination of talents indeed for a cause. Please watch:

We Are The World For Philippines – Official Video

Posted at YouTube by:  Handsome Pictures

As one of the official portals for the Philippines, it is our intention to share this video to show the love of these students to the suffering Filipinos who are rebuilding their lives after the many calamities before the New Year. May 2014 be a safe and prosperous year for us – and we cannot thank you enough for sharing our pain. We love you all!

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