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Luyang, Carmen, Cebu Residents Not Enjoying Water Benefits Despite being a Source


By: Elena Grace Flores

One year after the ultimatum of Cebu Governor Gwendolyn Garcia for Manila Water Consortium Inc. to solve the water in the water source, Luyang, Carmen, the new provincial board members have yet to look into it. Board Member, Glenn Soco said that they already know the problem. Soco discloses that Maynilad certainly breaches the contract with the province that’s why the Luyanganons do not have water benefits.

YouTube video by Elena Grace Flores
Glenn Soco Addresses the Manila Water Anomaly in Luyang, Carmen, Cebu

The New Provincial Board to Look Into the Water Crises

Provincial Board Member, Glenn Soco admits that there’s a breach of contract between Manila Water and the Cebu Provincial Government that made water expensive.

Water Connection Promise

Town officials headed by Carmen Mayor, Carlo Villamor previously met with Governor Garcia to thresh out the town’s water woes. Garcia asks the water firm to complete at least 50 percent of the connections leading to “problematic areas.” This must be done within six months. Villamor, in an interview, explains that they want a Level III water connection in the households.

Problematic Areas

He said that the firm should make good of its promise in 2010 to provide water to the town. “Manila Water did not comply with their promise,” said the mayor. “t started from their commitment to Manila Water in 2010. This is to help Carmen with its water problem,” he added. This promise includes the Manila Water providing certain cubic meters of water and a Level III water connection. Seven barangays in his town are still having a water connection problem. These are Luyang, Cogon East, Cogon, West, Dawis Sur, Dawis Norte, Poblacion, and Baring, he narrated.

No Water Benefits: 49 to 29 Reduction of the Province’s Share

Media practitioner, Elias Baquero of the 888 News Forum stresses the Maynilad and Manila Water’s taking advantage of the situation in Carmen. As a joint-force, they seem to take advantage of the governor’s dis-involvement with the case right now. The water price is actually not low from the source in addition to the connection troubles. Why can’t they charge at a cost to the province instead of the subsidized amount since it’s more transparent, Baquero asked. This leaves the town with no water benefits at all since the water companies get the higher cut.

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