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Lyrics: After All

There are always songs that stick on your mind even if you did not know who the singers are – whether it’s the melody, rhythm or lyrics. Although this rendition of Cher and Peter Cetera is so melodious that you can be lost in space – just listening or humming with it, the lyrics are so truthfully powerful that they will hit your innermost being. It doesn’t matter if you are a hopeless romantic or still hopeful – as long as you are human, these lyrics would mean to you despite how terrible your love life is:

Cher & Peter Cetera – After All [On-Screen Lyrics]


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After All – is a great material for reflection if you would like to get a conclusion on the kind of relationship you have or on what you want to have, emotionally speaking. One thing is for sure – human beings  are geared to find that sort of connection with a partner… a love that will last despite the odds!

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