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Macalintal Tells Supreme Court that Robredo Pays the P7M Upon Protest Termination

Supreme Court

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Lawyer, Romulo Macalintal said that they would tell the Supreme Court that the extension should be until such time that the recount on the three pilot provinces in Marcos’ protest would have been terminated. It sounds like Macalintal never changed in his approach. He is always a dictator that is disregarded by the Supreme Court anyway.

Youtube video by; GMA News
[VIDEO]:  VP Robredo, binigyan ng extension sa pagbabayad ng balanse

Marcos Camp’s Request

Bongbong Marcos’ legal spokesperson Vic Rodriguez also said that they are about to request the Supreme Court to designate at least 100 revision committee to speed up the recount. He explains that these committees can comprise of lawyers and clerks of court, as assigned by PET. Truly, their intention is to fast-track the process and not just to take advantage of the system.

Macalintal’s False Hopes

The mocking Macalintal said; “If the results show that Marcos is able to make a substantial recovery, then we will pay, but if not, we need not pay because the protest will surely be dismissed.” It is true that people should be kind to the elderly but this one needs a kick in the butt.

First Issue

Robredo’s Camp still sticks on the order of the protest despite SC’s announcement to prioritize the recount because the digital system can affect other positions as well. The first issue is to resolve the integrity of the 2016 automated election system. Perhaps, they were not listening.

Payment Suspension

During the preliminary conference, Macalintal told the PET that since the tribunal is still in the exploratory stage of the collection of ballot boxes, it would only be practical and reasonable to suspend Robredo’s payment of the cash deposit. Now, he’s making his own law again. He is obviously dreaming.

3 thoughts on “Macalintal Tells Supreme Court that Robredo Pays the P7M Upon Protest Termination

  1. This is how the judicial system works. Supreme corrupt justices are prejudice and very partial , unfair minded to Marcos protest and showing strong favoritism to ROBLEDO . Clearly, they are above the law and killing the judicial system. MGa patay GUTOM KAYa sa corruption kumakapit para BUHAYin ang kanilang familia. God give us Justice.

  2. This was the consequence of political party appointment process.Of course thier loyalty are goes to those who appointed them which is not existing in the democracy world. Only in the Philippines that these appointees were blatantly disregard the rule of law.Mukhang mali ang ating sistema ng pagpili sa karapat dapat maglingkod ng tapat sa ating pinakamataas na hukuman.Hindi kong sino sino na lang tulad ni Sereno at Leonen na wala sa listahan ng mga susunod na mahistrado na pagpipilian in case of vacancy.

  3. Bakit pa kase nag xounter protest ? Sigoro pinapa delay at ang alam nila doon sa lugar ng counter protest ni Robredo ay doon ang massive na dayaan na pagka alam nila ang lugar na gsgamitin ni Bong bong. Kaya about months ago, na direct ang COMELEC na ipa retrieve ang mga balot boxes doon para sa LGU or local government recount dahil may nagdaya daw. Sini naman ang nag protesta para sa retrieval noong boxes? Or ne retrieve para dayain uli ang mga balota, pag papalitan ang mga boto nito. Pero nabigla sila nong 3 places na pina pa tecount ni BBM. Lugar ni Leni, Drillon, at Negros. Kaya ayaw magbayad si Leni dahil tactica lang nila ito, dahil talo na sila. Sana tignan den nila kung nanalo ba talaga si Delima doon at kung ilang boto ang lamang niya kay Tolentino. Or gawin nalang nilang lahat, senado at Congresso, pati na yong 2013 Election. Tanggal lahat yang mga Dilawan na yan kung gawin yon.

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