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Macalintal’s Technology Ignorance: Hallucination and Bionic Remarks Against Bongbong Marcos over Unused SD Cards with Data

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Veteran election lawyer, Atty. Romulo Macalintal shows his ancient age with his remarks on the finding that the unused SD cards indeed have data on them. His comments that Bongbong Marcos’ camp is either hallucinating or have bionic eyes do not only prove that he is clueless about technology – but he lacks common sense as well.

Youtube video by; Rappler
[VIDEO]: Vice President Leni Robredo’s election lawyer Romulo Macalintal says the process of decrypting the SD cards is not yet complete for anyone to claim there is proof of election fraud.

Smartmatic Provides Used SD Cards for a Hefty Price?

If Macalintal is right then it’s Smartmatic who provides used election tools for the price of new gadgets which the total price amounts to billions of pesos. In any case, it is still fraudulent in the part of Smartmatic. How could then the Comelec allow such an unfair trade for the Filipino people?

Who does not Understand the Digital Election Process?

Macalintal calls the proof “baseless.” He said it also proves that the Marcos camp does not understand the digital election protest process. The protest ruling does not depend on the basis of SD cards but the ballots actually cast in the VCMs. “The results must match with the election returns, statement of votes, and other election documents,” he said.

Bionic Eyes VS. Common Sense

“The camp of Marcos must have a bionic mind or bionic eyes to be able to read these encrypted data and immediately claim that there were electoral frauds committed in the said election,” Macalintal added. 13 of the 26 SD cards have folders in them with data. Although the decryption process is still ongoing, it brings down to why the Comelec uses used SD cards for such a very important event in the country?

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Internet Era and Ancient Minds do not Match

Macalintal should consider retirement now. Bongbong Marcos’ camp is right. The fact that there are data in unused SD cards, there is fraud in every angle. One, Comelec may have cheated in terms of overpricing – buying old items for the price of new. Two, there’s a connivance with the winning V.P.’s political party. This is what SC is finding out.

1 thought on “Macalintal’s Technology Ignorance: Hallucination and Bionic Remarks Against Bongbong Marcos over Unused SD Cards with Data

  1. Macalintal knows Marcos has an advantage in the protest,but as a lawyer earning huge amount,selected to counsel for the much bigger offer.He has the record of defending candidates,not truly elected such as the one that defeated FPJ.He at that time was the peoples choice but, were stolen their right to vote. This time, only ignorant believed that a popular Bong Bong can be beaten by an amateur politician. The current public opinion elsewhere, and in social media proves Marcos was the winner. Evidences show that cheating did happen really.

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