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We All Make Mistakes

By: Elena Grace Flores
Decisions in life bring us to where our life turns to. Sometimes it’s for the better but often it’s for the worst. If this is the case, don’t be too hard on yourself. We all make mistakes in preparation for bigger tasks in the future. If depression slows you down because everything is not working out the way you planned it, just think that higher authority just has other plans for YOU!

It is understandable that we come to a point of getting tired of waiting for the right time – to do what we always wanted to. Mind you, if you only think of your experience in the past when you were pushing things against all odds, disaster happened – you would definitely hold back. We can all learn from this. Everything has its own time.

We can’t avoid hurting other people in the process –¬† if you yourself is going through the learning process in life, so as others too! We all are instruments to each other so, perhaps even if you do not intend to hurt a friend, it happens because that friend is also in the process of learning from his or her mistakes. Therefore, don’t regret the things that you have done wrong for the rest of your life. Move on and be ready for the right moment – because we all go through that to become better people!


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