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Malaysians Tried not to get bothered by Duterte’s Sabah Claim Remarks

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
John Teo, a Kuching-based journalist has implied over his article that Malaysians should not worry about the reported Sabah Claim to be pursued by the new Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. It has been observed by the media and political officers in Malaysia that there has been a feeding frenzy on Duterte’s Sabah claim position when it could only be the result of his holding unofficial or informal press conferences and not as official statements – or things to do as President. He called Duterte a political street fighter whom you have to guess if he’s joking or half-telling the truth in his at random speeches.

However, the Philippine media insisted that the Malaysians could ignore the news information from Duterte as they want – but not the reality of the Sabah Claim being pursued again by Duterte in whichever way they can. It is so obvious that the Malaysian writer doesn’t know Duterte at all – as a principled man who will fight for whatever he believes in and at top speed.

The Malaysian should take these media noises as a warning that if diplomatic talks are not possible, then the Philippine President will not hesitate to use force. The incident at Lahad Datu was already a proof that without high-tech weapons and government support, Filipino Muslims will die for their land. How much more if they are supported by their government under the new El Cid – who vowed to fight side by side with his Muslim brothers. That is Rodrigo. Coincidence or not, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte also has the same name as Spain’s Rodrigo Diaz Vibar, the ancient El Cid.


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