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Male Insecurity is Just in the Head


By: Elena Grace Flores


Male InsecuritySexual Dysfunction is a common problem of men especially when they reach middle age. Issues such as erectile dysfunction (ED), impotence, loss of interest in sex, premature ejaculation, anorgasmia and inability to sustain erection are prevalent. This makes them feel insecure especially those who are with life partners. However, it must be known that most cases are reversible by psychological therapies and by taking dietary supplements. Administering these drugs without proper prescription from licensed medical practitioners is however discouraged. Here are areas that must be explored to fully understand the psychological factors with regards to sexual dysfunctions:

  1. Depression is a very powerful force that can cause psychological impotence. Loss of libido or lack of interest in sexual activities is a symptom of depression. In itself sexual impotence is a very depressing experience to any man. This must be discussed with a healthcare provider to properly assess the situation and to come up with effective remedies without beating the bush. Being ashamed or embarrassed about the problem will hinder possible solutions.
  2. Performance anxiety is developed by men who suddenly experienced one or more erectile dysfunctions during sexual intercourse. The focus during sexual activity is diverted from sensual feelings of pleasure to fearful thoughts that erectile dysfunction might happen again – giving more probability for it to occur – which is very frustrating for both partners.

  3. Lack of senate focus happens when at the time of sexual intercourse, problems about money or business matters creep into the mind – which is the most sensitive sex organ. When the mind drifts to other matters, concentration on the sensual act is destructed – that eventually leads to loss of sexual focus. This will cause the erection to subside – making it impossible for intercourse or deep penetration to happen.
  4. Anorgasmia happens when men cannot reach orgasm or also called as delayed ejaculation. It is a medical condition in which ejaculation difficulties are experienced either during intercourse or by manual stimulation. Ejaculation may not happen at all or takes a long time from 45 minutes or longer after thrusting continuously.Psychological causes on this involve:
  • Disturbance in the person’s mind that sex is a sin due to religion
  • No desire for the partner
  • Getting used to unusual masturbation habits
  • Traumatic personal events or unforgettable infidelities including anger towards the partner

For years it was acceptable to believe that sexual problems are part of growing old. Modern science already debunked this myth. Nowadays, with many treatments available, there is no reason why men cannot be sexually active even in their 70’s. Men’s health should be given importance and attention in order to avoid such occurrence. When intimacy in bed ends, it is hard to keep up with the strains in the relationship. Women should be supportive to their partner in this aspect. Men may be the masculine gender but they are not machines. They need the care and understanding by their other half to keep their sanity.

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