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Managing a Healthy Airport Diet

By: Elena Grace Flores

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It is tempting just grabbing some carbohydrate-loaded snack to substitute a meal while hanging out in the airport waiting for your flight. Don’t just satisfy your hunger and even your cravings with partial nutrition especially when traveling. You will need all the nutrients available when moving from one place to another due to sudden change of temperature that can result to common sickness like fever and flu. Here’s an airport diet recommended by Diana Kohnle as studied by the Academy of nutrition and Dietetics:

  • Skim milk.Mozarella cheese
  • Chicken fillet sandwich stuffed with fresh lettuce and mustard on top
  • Garden fresh salad with non-fatty protein topping
  • Non-salty vegetable soup
  • Fresh slices of fruits and vegetables
  • Brewed coffee with fresh fat-free milk

A little bit of everything from the menu above will be perfect – but don’t be too hard on yourself when you can’t find a whole package that includes all these items. Perhaps at least 3 selections from this recommendation will be good enough for your sustenance and nutrition. Just make the right choice for the combination and you will definitely have a disease-free travel!


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