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Manila Bay’s Dolomite: Foreign Vlogger Corrects Misleading Mainstream Media News


By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube video by Trending Ni Andres

Glad to say tourists can be happy the white sand is still here in Manila Bay. Heavy rain, strong waves and baha last night but the white sand is still there.

The Manila Bay’s Dolomite Project

Alerting headlines using inappropriate terms by the mainstream media describing the alleged status of the dolomite white sand at Manila Bay disgust netizens. It seems that misleading propaganda ignites again. This prompts a foreign blogger to cover the reality of the situation the night before during the flood in Manila and its effect on the dolomite project the morning after.

Sand Wash-in and Out is Normal

The washing-in and out of the dolomite sand is normal. This is proven in the beaches of Singapore and France. The dolomite particles settle at the edge of the beach just like ordinary sand because of its lightweight. It is also normal that the waves can wash them out as per the typical ecosystem. However, it can only go back to their original place as nature dictates.

Big Fuzz on the Negative Side

It is really obvious that some mainstream media lean on the negative side. The malicious intent cannot escape the vigilant public. The people are already a victim of such black media propaganda that deprives them of great leaders. This time, many media lose their good reputation because of malicious reporting. Thanks to those who made efforts in telling the whole truth.

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