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Manny Pacquiao Discloses Traumatic Childhood Experience

By: Elena Grace Flores

Manny ran away from home when he was 13 years old. The reason might be very traumatic for a child but think about it. If Manny Pacquiao did not have the reason to leave his family in Gensan, will he become the Great Filipino Boxer of today? Certainly, whether a circumstance is positive or negative, there’s always a reason for everything.

In Manny’s case, it was horrible to witness his own father grabbing his beloved pet dog, butcher it, cook and eat in front of him who was very emotional during that time. Even if this did not happen to us, we can only imagine the shock, disbelief and fear for the action made by the older Pacquiao. He might not be thinking straight at that time – but many fathers unfortunately in this part of the world have done the same or even worst!

Some impoverish people blame their status for the wrong doings committed. Others are just too dumb to recognize the right from the wrong actions or perhaps refused to know the difference of both to have excuses in life. Whatever the case may be, justice may not always be served but blessings are real too. No wonder – it’s always Aling Dionisia or Manny Pacquaio’s mother who always get the credits for the man that he is now!

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