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Manual WordPress Installation is Helpful

By: Elena Grace Flores

English: WordPress Logo
English: WordPress Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Applications like Fantastico can easily install WordPress into your domain – but why is it important to know manual WordPress installation? For one thing, not all hosting allow automatic setups. Another thing, you can only trouble shoot on faulty WP installations when you know how it works exactly. Read this to know more:

Manually Installing WordPress on Your Hosting Service

By: Bob Dunn

As promised, here is the posting of my second WPStarter videos.

In last Friday’s post I shared with you how to do a one-click install if your hosting service gives you that option. This time I’ll be going over manually installing WordPress.

It’s not difficult to install WordPress manually. You just have to follow  the basic steps discussed in the video and you will get it in no time. Of course, the one click method is more handy – but you better be ready just in case system incompatibility prohibits such installation. Better be prepared than sorry!

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