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Many are Happy about Bongbong Marcos’ Recognition as VP that the Media Failed to Mention

Bongbong Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores
YouTube Video by AKO PINOY


One-Sided Media Reporting

A vlogger slams the mainstream media reports saying that a regional director of the Department of Tourism (DOT) recently drew the ire of social media users. This is after he introduced former senator Bongbong Marcos as “vice president.” DOT Region I director Jeff Ortega described Marcos as “former senator and vice president” during a regional tourism event.

The Media Reports Become Bias with AI

AI or artificial intelligence automatically feeds related posts to a user’s account that he or she may be interested in. Should the media rely on the data from their accounts, their articles would only reflect what they support.  This is contrary to the principle that reporters must be fair to both sides.  Take the case of Facebook. Since it is using AI to detect content falling into seven main categories: nudity, graphic violence, terrorism, hate speech, spam, fake account, and suicide prevention. Their AI system only helps identify the fake accounts of administration supporters created allegedly for malicious purposes and shuts them down instantly. This is because many FB executives seem to be on the other side.

Pro-Bongbong Marcos Netizens

The generalizations of anti-Bongbong Marcos reporters did not escape from the prying eyes of vlogging platforms like Pinoy Ako. No one can dispute that because it is clear that the recent slamming of Ortega reflects only the sentiments of Marcos’ critics. What about the many Filipinos who are waiting for Marcos to become President? Those who knew very well that he was cheated during the 2019 VP elections in particular.

For introducing Bongbong as VP, DOT’s Jeff Ortega  sparks outrage

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