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Mar Roxas: To the bones – Gay Expression Review

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

If their belief is “to the bones”…to the straight path or “daang matuwid” then they are welcome – was the answer of Mar Roxas to GMA’s interview today referring to the Liberal aspirants for the 2016 election who are possibly be joining his candidacy line up – like Alan Cayetano who said that he was approached by Mar Roxas’s Camp to be his V.P.. Critics found the term “to the bones” not suitable for a “male” presidential candidate. Where can this possibly come from? Let’s review Mar Roxas’ gay ancestry if that explains why Roxas is fond of using this kind of expressions.

Andrew Stevens of CNN who is a notable gay person himself actually found some arrogance in Mar’s responses to his interviews during the Yolanda incident. Get Real Philippines was quoted saying:

Stevens pointed out that every day, he sees the same decomposing bodies when he passes by the same road on the way to the city. But Roxas vehemently denied they were the same bodies, stopping short of calling Stevens a liar.

However, the “to the bones” expression might be a language of arrogance but can you imagine a manly guy say that? Could it be that Mar Roxas’s nature is arrogantly gay? Let’s examine his blood line:

How true is this?

The worse psychological pain Mar had to suffer is that possibly he is not a real Roxas. His paternity is not in question, but his grand paternity is totally in doubt.

When Doña Trinidad De Leon Roxas married Mar’s grandpa, Manuel, she was already pregnant with the son of Pres. Manuel Luis Quezon y Molina.

Doña Trinidad became pregnant with Quezon’s child while Quezon was already the husband of Doña Aurora Aragon. With the promise by Quezon that Roxas will be made Speaker of the House of Representatives, Roxas was forced to marry Doña Trinidad in an arranged marriage even if there was no love between them.

Gerardo “Gerry” De Leon Roxas, who became a senator, the son of the President (Manuel Roxas), is not really the son of Pres. Roxas.

Sen. Gerry Roxas is most probably the son of Quezon. Therefore, he is not a Roxas but a Quezon. Mar Roxas is supposed to be Manuel “Mar” Araneta Quezon III instead. He is a grandson not of Pres. Roxas but of the president preceding him. Despite the fact, the arrangement forced the late president to make Gerry bear the Roxas family name and Mar thereafter.

The problem with the Quezon blood is that the late President’s Junior, Manuel “Nonong” Aragon Quezon, Jr., is a homosexual and Quezon may have passed down this quirk in his genes down to Mar therefore the subject also became a homosexual probably without even knowing that he will become one and just started feeling that he was actually a girl, instead of a man.

It is also no wonder, that his “cousin,” Manuel Quezon III, who is in media, is also another homosexual, or as he prefers to call himself, a “BADING.”

If the story is true, then it explains why Mar Roxas is perceived as arrogantly gay. The traumatic experience of his family backed all these speculations up if they are confirmed to be true. Action speaks louder than words. So, let’s hear it from Mar’s ways!

No wonder Vice President Binay was considered as “thorn” between two lovers in Asian Journal’s picture.

Image Source: Asian Journal

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