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Marcos is Confident: Election Protest would speed up under Duterte

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Bongbong Marcos, after filing his electoral protest vs. Leni Robredo for the V.P. race said that it took time to finalize the submission process during the last day of filing last June 29, 2016 because from 11AM up to 4PM, there were still people bringing evidences of fraud during the May 9 election. Some were a bit scared but thinking that the past administration will not have a hand in the case anymore, they joined in pursuing the case.

According to Marcos, he is confident that the case will be resolved by the SC justices quickly due to the huge volume of evidence he has submitted. The annexes attached to his petition are around 20,000 pages long.

He is very confident that the electoral protest process will speed up under the Duterte administration. He owed this to the more than 14 million people who voted for him whose rights were violated. The worst of it all, despite the very obvious cheating procedures they did, they were not ashamed of it; he said. Marcos was indeed very disgusted with the act that prompted him to file the protest.


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