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Marcos-Duterte Merger is Not a Matter of If but When!


By: Elena Grace Flores
ANC 24/7

Marcos-Duterte Merger is Not Surprising
The anti-Marcos stalwarts continue to discredit the Marcoses. This is to prevent Bongbong Marcos to become president. Nonetheless, the most popular man in politics today, President Rodrigo Duterte recently had a closed-door meeting with him. Many people speculate that they finally join hands to get landslide votes during the upcoming elections. That is actually not surprising. It’s just a matter of time for the Marcos-Duterte merger. Both families have loyalists even to this date.

The Marcoses are already Back

The Marcoses are actually back. There’s Senator Imee Marcos and Congresswoman, Imelda Marcos. Bongbong almost become Vice President. If he wasn’t cheated. Therefore, his presidential bid in 2022 is just very timely. There’s no other better time but now. The opposition is struggling to even come up with candidates who matter. Thus dividing them even more. The Marcos-Duterte merger can wipe them out.

Duterte Needs Marcos More

The Dutertes cannot afford to face off the Marcoses. Loyalists cannot swing votes to other candidates. They remain loyal regardless. The positioning of President Duterte is very strategic. But Bongbong Marcos should be president. Not Mayor Sara. If the latter runs for President with her father as VP, they will be taking away votes from each other. If Marcos is President then, either Mayor Sara or President Duterte is VP. Regardless, the Marcos-Duterte merger would complement each other. So, it’s just a matter of when the announcement would be.

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  1. That’s my suggestion.. even before.. bbm/and rody… Nxt.. is Sara… Tuloy tuloy ang asenso ng Pilipinas..

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