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Marcos: Election Protest Ready for Filing on June 28

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
After the thorough gathering of physical eveidences, Senator Bongbong Marcos’s camp is certain thet they have nailed the biggest fraud and they will soon divulge their finding to the court. Jose Amor Amorado, head of Marcos’ legal team and Abakada Party-list Rep. Jonathan Dela Cruz, the Marcos’s political adviser confirmed that the election protest filing is now scheduled on June 28, 2016.

Both explained that this has something to do with a “secret fourth server” used during the elections — known only to Comelec and Smartmatic.Election results were allegedly transmitted to this “queue server” instead of the official process to transmit them directly to the Municipal Board of Canvassers, the Comelec and the transparency server that was accessible by selected media.

Amorado said that since it was not known, no watchers were overseeing the fourth server which is a clear proof of the planned results manipulation during the election last May 9, 2016. Full details will be disclosedin the proper venue.


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