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Marcos Electoral Protest Update: No Ruling on VP Ballot Recount Yet

VP Ballot Recount

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Just before the evening news today, January 10, 2017, the rumor saying that SC ruling on Marcos electoral protest happens today is not in mainstream broadcasts. The VP ballot recount seems to be not on the agenda of the Philippine Electoral Tribunal of the Supreme Court. Reports are also noted that the Marcos Camp’s witnesses are harassed to hopefully change their stories.

Youtube video by; Rappler
[VIDEO]: The camp of defeated vice presidential candidate Bongbong Marcos said that they have received reports that their witnesses have been harassed by the Liberal Party to change their testimonies in the case.

SC Denies Marcos’ Motion to Preserve VCMs

Just recently, SC orders Comelec to immediately facilitate the stripping of data chips from the electoral voting machines to avoid adding up to the penalty imposed in the signed agreement. One positive thing for Marcos supporters for this order is that – SC can now proceed to the next step towards the ruling on Marcos’ electoral protest.

No Recount Yet

Vice President Leni Robredo worries about the recount in the electoral protest of Bongbong Marcos. This step is necessary to find the almost 1.37 million discrepancies on the total registered voters. That is substantial compared to a little more than 200,000 lead of Robredo.

Pro-Marcos Supporters are Dismayed of the Delay

Many Marcos supporters are checking social media on the Marcos electoral protest update but no such news satisfies them. It is not clear where the rumor comes from that there’s a ruling today – but eventually it should come from the Pro-Marcos groups in Facebook.

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There seems to be a trend that SC announces the denial of the minor requests of Bongbong Marcos in the electoral protest such as the failed VCM preservation. This does not mean that he is on the losing end. Perhaps SC eliminates the minor issues yet to deal positively with the major issue particularly the VP ballot recount in questionable areas since he gets President Duterte’s favor, which is no doubt a great factor for the decision.

9 thoughts on “Marcos Electoral Protest Update: No Ruling on VP Ballot Recount Yet

  1. Sana nman mga justice bilisan nyo kc ang dami na ng mga tao ang nag antay sa result sa recount alam nmin na si bbm ang nanalo…

  2. We hope for the truth to prevail. We all know BBM was been cheated and we are wishing him an honest recount !

    Should the sitting Comelec resign


  4. The people are anxiously waiting for the Pet’s decision on BBM’s protest. Justice must be served.

  5. yes it must be done sooner,JUSTICE SERVED,for the real VPwinner noneother than BBM…

  6. .Please Proclaim the Winner Jail the Cheater SC..We Citizens Trust You,Let Justice Prevail !!!We are Quite Sure that BBM was Cheated by LP!!!

  7. Ang bagal Dios ko mio Grabe nman pairalin nyo ang katotohanan Kong d nyo Ito magawa matakot kayo sa Dios I labas ang katotohanan huwag kayong pagoyo sa mga dilawan Ahas alalahanin nyo may karma

  8. This is surely a disappointment to us but let us not lose hope. Let us not waver in our struggle to fight for BBM. We have already overcone several battles. This is just another one. We can do it.

  9. ano yong kasabihan? “justice delayed justice denied”

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