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Marcos Lawyer Lozano Sues Du30’s Impeachment Filer, Warns of a Bloody Revolution


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Tthe former lawyer of the late strongman President Ferdinand Marcos, Oliver Lozano questions the motives of the Magdalo lawmaker, Magdalo Representative Gary Alejano who tries to impeach PDu30 over his alleged role in the extrajudicial killings of 8,000 drug suspects and allegedly amassing P2.2 billion in unexplained wealth, among other crimes. On top of that, they also added the unconfirmed Benham Rise agreement of the President with China.

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[VIDEO]: Magdalo Rep. Gary Alejano filed the impeachment complaint before the Secretary General of the House of Representatives, who would determine if the form and substance of the complaint is sufficient to have the President impeached.

Conspiracy Claim

Alejano has no personal knowledge of the allegations laid out in his impeachment complaint. So, the grounds are actually based on hearsays. The former Marcos lawyer claimed that the move to impeach the President is part of a conspiracy backed by the US Central Intelligence Agency and the European Union, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, two international human rights organizations that criticize extrajudicial killings linked to the president’s bloody war against illegal drugs.

Yellow Gang Strategy

Lozano accuses the “Yellow Gang” of masterminding the plot in hopes of installing Vice President Leni Robredo to the presidency.

Oliver Lozano

Oliver Lozano

“Therefore, I believe that the impeachment complaint against the president is part of sustained propaganda to eliminate DU30 and elevate Robredo in order to usher the return of the yellow gang composed of: plunderers, drug lords, gambling lords, smugglers, oligarchs, landgrabbers, the vindictive, corrupt and incompetent,” the complaint said.

Bloody Revolution

In his complaint, Lozano warns of a “violent confrontation and bloody revolutionary situation” that could arise as a result of the political crisis. “I believe that the enlightened Anti-Yellow Gang will rise in defense of the President in great spirit that the recent Yellow People Power to oust the President is aborted by Counter People Power,” he elaborated in the said complaint.


The President’s Impeachment is Bound to Fail

House Deputy Minority Leader Harry Roque also agrees with pro-administration legislators that the impeachment case against the President will simply go down the drain. Roque, himself and international and constitutional law expert, explains that Du30 could not be held liable, or impeached, for acts which had happened before he became president. Let alone the unfounded allegations over Benham Rise.

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