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Marcos Loyalists Yearn for BBM’s Public Appearance to Rekindle the Maharlika Dream amidst Crisis

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By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube video by Filipino Future

Why do we need Bongbong Marcos?

Ferdinand Marcos’ Maharlika Dream for Filipinos

The late President Ferdinand Marcos only wants the best for his countrymen. He made it clear in his last will and testament that 90% of his earthly possessions will go to the Filipinos. Marcos only allocated 10% for his family. Recently, his son recovers from Covid-19 but why is he not making any public appearance yet?

Worries Over Bongbong Marcos’ Health

The son and namesake of FEM is allegedly recovering after his Covid-19 experience. He had a few digital appearances through his vlogs looking thin and fragile. There are rumors that he’s still not well. Although his sister, Senator Imee Marcos assures the public that he is indeed getting better. Loyalists are so anxious that disagreements happen via group chats on social media. Many speculations await for answers. Can he still run for President in 2022?

The Importance of BBM’s Public Appearance

It may be too much to ask but there is no denying that the public appearance of BBM is crucial during the time of crisis. His father’s Maharlika dream is only possible when he becomes President himself. His mother, Imelda Marcos already pleads the congress in the past to look into the Marcos fortune but to no avail. If the lawmakers can set aside this matter during the crisis, there will never be other opportunity to see this through. Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. is the only hope for now and it would save his supporters from anxiety and conflicts if a public appearance takes place soon.

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