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Marcos Regime History: Revisionism or Propaganda?


By: Elena Grace Flores
YouTube Video by News5Everywhere

Bongbong Marcos said that court rulings on their cases prove to show that they are not lying.

Revisionism or Propaganda

Bongbong Marcos calls for the revision of history books. The two Aquino administrations portray the alleged tyranny of the late President Ferdinand Marcos. The Marcoses became the top symbol of corruption around the world. Marcos can’t hide his disgust while explaining his plea to revise the textbooks that the schools are using. The opposition refers to this move as revisionism. The son of the former President considers it as propaganda to malign their reputation.

Telling Children Lies

History depends on the people who wrote them. They are not basically the whole truth. Just like what Marcos said. The details about them are not all true. The past anti-Marcos administrations tell children lies. Brainwashing young minds is not acceptable. Hate can only divert back to the liars when the truth comes out.

Propaganda for Politics

The yellows or dilawan in vernacular are famous for using propaganda. The mainstream media even propagate their interests. Their success motivates them to continue. Hence, in many elections good leaders who were subjects of black propaganda lost. Bongbong Marcos also is a top target for 2022. However, social media balances the effects of mainstream propaganda. So, the battle of both media is inevitable.

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