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Marcos Siblings Donate their Time to the Orphanage for Someone Special


By: Elena Grace Flores

Jomar and Michelle vlog
[VIDEO]: Marcos Brothers Stayed at the Orphanage

It’s Better to Donate This

Marcos brothers like to donate their time to the orphanage because it’s fun, according to Vinny. Actually, they did this at first upon the request of their mother, First Lady Liza Araneta Marcos. She wants them to know the lives of the underprivileged. That way, they can value what they have, he added.

Hands-on Experience

Vinny explained that they did not donate their time only. They really lived at the orphanage for a month. Their project at that time was to build the gutter which is still in use these days. They eat, sleep, exercise, sing, and dance with the orphans. It was fun, he stressed.

Improving the Lives of Others

The example of the Marcoses continues these days with other prominent figures like Chavit Singson plus many more. So, the orphanage is not struggling to make ends meet. Some orphans who now have jobs are now responsible citizens.

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