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Marcos Treasures Remain for the People’s Welfare Contrary to the Ill-gotten Wealth Media Bluff


By: Elena Grace Flores

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The Richest Country
Why did George W. Bush think that the Philippines is the richest country in the world? It is because of the gold collections that the late Ferdinand Marcos deposited in more than 150 countries of the world. A Trust Fund at the Central Bank under the Marcos Foundation for the benefit of the Filipinos secures it. Meaning to say, that his family is not even the direct heir of this alleged ill-gotten wealth as the late president Cory Aquino promulgated via the media just to discredit his presidency.

The Ultimate Truth

The wisdom of the late strongman and his knowledge as a lawyer were enough to make him secure the gold finds. If finders get them with only a percentage to the government, they would be rumbling to claim the treasures that are not theirs in the first place. That would bring chaos to the country. Instead, he sent these golds to different countries with a bill of lading under the care of his widow, Imelda Marcos. The document at the Central Bank hereby said that those deposits are registered under the Marcos foundation for the benefit of the Filipinos. By having these gold reserves, the country will not suffer from the tremendous amount of interests rates from debts. Thus making the country not prone to the global financial crisis.

Imelda Marcos’ Hand

Former First Lady Imelda Marcos is vital in managing these people’s wealth. These are her husband’s collections. Although she cannot move them alone. They are under the Marcos Foundation for the citizens of the Philippines. The government must urge the Senate to write a bill on how to manage it. At the moment, they are just sitting in Central Bank and other countries overseas. So, the time for Bongbong Marcos to prioritize that has come.

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