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Marcos vs. Aquino: The Real Heroes and Villains on the Finances of the Poor


By: Elena Grace Flores
by GoDasma TV

Marcos vs.Aquino
The late president Ferdinand Marcos always fights against communism. The Plaza Miranda bombing in 1971 escalates the situation. Ninoy Aquino connives with the CPP-NPA to terrorize Manila. Thus, triggers martial law. He’s a former senator and a rebel. Marcos appeals to the Senate to allow him to declare martial law. Hence, he’s not a dictator. So, the military rule begins and lasts for 11 years. The media then uses the assassination of Aquino to discredit Marcos. Therefore, the EDSA revolution happens in 1986. That gives way to the oligarchs to expand their finances. Government services become private. Thus, making poor Filipinos become poorer.

Agricultural Reform vs. Hacienda Luisita of the Aquinos

Under the Cojuangco family, farmers rent their lands to be taken away if they cannot pay. They own the majority of the farmlands in Luzon. This gives them control of rice trades in Tarlac. The Cojuangco brothers then join politics. Then Cory marries Ninoy and gets major positions in government too. Tabacalera sells Azucarera to the Cojuanco’s with loans from the government. This is the condition. After 10 years, the 6,400 hectares of Hacienda Luisita lots must be given to farmers. To no avail. Very different from Marcos’ land reforms. He’s not running it as a business but as a means of the people’s livelihood. The finances of rural banks might look bad but the lives of Filipinos at that time were ideal.

The Promise of the Nation’s Wealth

The last 2 terms of the Aquinos in the presidency did not allow the country’s finances to grow. More Filipinos are getting desperate. Despite the 4Ps monetary benefits for the poor. The allowance made many Filipinos lazy. Instead of cultivating the farms just like in Marcos’ time, they become parasites. Now, the son of former President Marcos promises to implement his father’s vision. That includes the wealth for humanity. He is bound to run for president in 2022. So, know the real heroes before casting your votes.

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