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Marcos Ways: Sulu Investments can Stop Kidnappings – Korean, Filipino Hostages Freed


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Peace process secretary Jesus Dureza announces that Korean captain Park Chul Hong and his Filipino crewman Glenn Alindaja are released by their kidnap for ransom captors. He is thankful for the community efforts that help in the release of such prisoners. The local government in Sulu is hopeful that big businesses continue to be established in their area that aid the people with their livelihood. This will prevent them from joining the insurgency groups.

Youtube video by; ABS-CBN News
[VIDEO]: Two hostages in Sulu have been freed by the Abu Sayyaf on Saturday.

Abu Sayyaf Responsible?

Park and Alindaja were abducted on a south Korean cargo vessel by suspected Abu Sayyaf terrorists off Bongao, Tawi-Tawi on October 2016. However, Dureza cannot confirm if the captors are really ASG members since they are heavily masked.

Community Efforts

It is evident here that authorities cannot make immediate arrests on responsible people for the kidnapping – but the community efforts in the area are obvious in the negotiation process. It is a government policy not to give ransom. However, the promise of the investments from big businessmen for Sulu is vital for the community to help out.

Marcos Economic Policy

In the speech of the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos, he stresses the structural adjustment program support. Key industries, nonconventional, and rural-based sources of energy are developed. Exportation of goods and services are encouraged according to the country’s comparative advantage and complemented by tourism promotion and increased collaboration with other countries on mutually profitable ventures. This should maximize foreign exchange earnings.

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The Sulu Promise is in Line with the Mindanao Development

Former President Marcos’s solution to poverty that can stop insurgencies is already in place. President Duterte is clever enough to continue those plans that are proven vital to present circumstances. Unlike during the Aquinos’ two terms in the presidency, all plans of Marcos are straight to the garbage.

Speech of President Marcos on the Philippines’ program for economic recovery and growth

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