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Marcos Week1: The Celebration Continues Killing Black Media Propaganda


By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube video by Bongbong Marcos

Unboxing the YouTube Creator Award and Replying to Comments | Bongbong Marcos

The End of Black Media Propaganda

Prior to the September 11 birthday celebration of the late President Ferdinand Marcos, his son, Bongbong Marcos got the YouTube Creator Award. Then, the notorious media spread their black propaganda campaigns to further discredit the Marcoses using the corruption scandals in the past that are proven to be fake news. The people particularly the members of the digital age can already identify logically the good from the bad. This is possible through relevant research online.

Marcos Day Becomes Marcos Week

The Marcos supporters online may express their sentiments that Marcos Day should be a nationwide celebration and not just in Ilocos Norte. However, they are civil enough to just post inspiring materials to honor the late President’s achievements through social media. BBM’s birthday is also a blast with original video creations of the loyalists on September 13. The beautiful wishes simply bury the ridiculous accusations against the Marcos family.

Reliable Health Care System

BBM’s vlog is not just a Covid-19 Resource Channel. This is solely the medium for Filipinos in unity. All information is helpful physically and mentally. There’s also a big hope that once BBM becomes president, the health care system for the country would be a priority. What is more relevant during the pandemic than knowing that when Bongbong Marcos is finally the leader of the country, no Filipino can be left untreated anymore during times of sickness. Regardless of how severe it is. Goodbye, black media propaganda.

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1 thought on “Marcos Week1: The Celebration Continues Killing Black Media Propaganda

  1. Yes! A million times! I believe Bongbong Marcos will do it for Filipinos

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